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The Matters of 73 Constitution and Its International Conspiracy should be resolved . The International Conspiracy which cost its author ZA Bhutto his life. The International Conspiracy of 73 Constitution which from as Constitution [Zabt E Hyat] [Code of Life] has shown its picture at Pakistani Theaters [Picture of Pornography and Moral Devastation] and Western Borders [Where in Name of War against Drugs Jewish Partnership has allowanced mercenaries to US Forces and our borders are being mapped out] and The Junta has itself had to move in[ President of Pakistan meeting with International Jewry at New York] to add factualism to fraudulent Political threats and Economic affairs rising from increased social distance of First and Third World through which where many Pakistani parties both Political and Economic Leaders had created webs and trappings and Business Columns [ Like Playboy Hosiery and Bergman Shampoo] in favor of Jews World Rule. [A Harvard Conspiracy which created the 2000ad The Clash of Civilizations and ended with The Collapse of USA Sponsored World Economy [MaShahAllah]. As Pakistan was announced 'Poorest Nation' by present US White House Economy Dictation . The 73 Constitution which declared Pakistan an Islamic Republic [Ruling Public] with PPP Leaders family to share Regime Powers. But every time being non literate internationally the leaders knot themselves till destruction in Affaires Vilaines [Tarekat e Shaitani]
4. Nawaz has to be honestly tried for 'Martial Conspiracy' Acte Militante Suprême which cost many Pakistani's lives . It must not be ignored that ZA Bhutto also held office as Supreme Commander of ak Army . It is for The Judiciary itself to produce Facts to Crime as recorded with Pak Army GHQ Jack Branch . Nawaz concerted a failed Coup D Etat in process to control . Pakistan and Suppress The Judiciary , Impress The Army, and run Islamabad Government from his own pocket, which comes from the Naf [Belly High] crime money. Without Nawaz perhaps The Overseas Companies cannot be accounted easily but the Account can be held in absentia. Once such a Major Criminal is absconding how is Judiciary or Military govt., expected to show transparent account to Pakistanis who are waiting for serious accountability since 1978 and since then every new government has been under pressure to announce Accountability but seldom it isn't hampered. The Junta and Judiciary must bind in mind that 18-20 years of rule under Gen Zia's Regime and Harvard Oxford Comparative Govt., the affairs must be showing to be well intertwined by International names and already Gen Musharraf has blamed Central Government Officials for laziness . The Nation has been NAF Decked into USA and European Crime Mafias through the 73 Constitution which is like a Mother feeding a Child inside its womb through her 'NAF' tube. Money Collected by Drugs ,Prostitution, Gun Running, Extortion, Kidnappings, Robberies, Government Corruption, Money Laundering, Cross Border Trade, Terrorism and Sexual and Satanic Bondage Etc are leaving Pakistani's without chances of sense of relief and apartly Nawaz signed out definitive senior government charges including a carte blanc over placement and transfers of Pakistani Government officials and upto grade 19 to IPP's .At a Atlantic Oil spill The President of France also mentioned it as a International Terrorist threat to France .In Pakistan French Oil Companies like Totale have moved in .
6 Corruption and weakness of Political Leadership created by long Military Rule until forced registration of Political Parties leaves no honest Jhambooriat in Pakistan. The creation of Deputy Commissioner's referred Majlis e Shura and Non Party Basis Elections have placed all unwanted criminals and nincompoop element on Public Affairs .The Political Parties have shown no respect for Democratic way of Life and almost all have worked their way into being represented in Present Military Government . The Hippocratic system of life and work and clear theft of laborers and similar small working class have put the lights off on a clairvoyant Musalman Society in a modern technological world of 2000 AD .
7 The Present state of Pak Army as an organ of The State that has continued its 'Cantonments' after the colonists have left Dehli and let a Free Pakistan. Pakistan Army has time and again been pushed into Public Affairs and no public critics and philosophers have really solved an answer for their presence instead the whole community of Journalists and Lawyers and Politicians have become used to taking advantage . The International Conspiracy of The 73 Constitution should be openly discussed and The Small Opium and Charas Contracts[thekas] should be invoked which were closed down to be handled privately by ZA Bhutto who would live like a Bara Sahib a God Father while he vouched his sons to become Gora Sahibs and Run Pakistan's World Government Affairs instead of IPPs . These Small Charas and Opium Thekas were closed down by 73 Constitution and the PPP inducted Excise Inspectors started running the affairs and collecting money, by 1987 Excise Inspectors were escorting Reigning Film-stars like Anjuman and choosing MPA's to elect in their regions. The Collection in Multan Region becomes so magnanimous that International Dignitaries have to visit. Part of this International Conspiracy is very readable now and action can be taken clearly to OUST THE ALREADY ONE NULLIFIED CONSTITUTION.
The 73 Constitution announced itself and its creators as Islamic Republic[ Ruling Public] over Pakistani Democracy. The 73 Constitution which 's International Conspiracy has created a Great International Chaos merely to appease BBC connections by creating terrorism and hatred in name of Islam World Wide. The document which signed by major Islamic Parties amongst whose leadership The JI is member of Zia's Regime and JUI ran afoot with Taliban Government. The long trail of Cold War Photojournalism foolingly twisted and Educational Private Institutions by groups of self created Press Mafias which only helped rectinal subliminal insertion of some kind of Americanism in youth philosophically and maintained their threatening tyranny over families to create submissive boys and girls. This year US State Statistics announced a One Trillion USD Crop of Opium and Heroine Trade related which is dangerous because the calculation relates with Underground Price and as by good definition of US Senate USA is busy in Afganistan against drugs . Gen, Zia who took over Pakistan and spread Heroine a Drug Imported from Italy to make his Regime incharge of the Pakistani NAF Underground. General Zia also recorded controversial visits of Las Vegas a Gambling Capital with largest Underworld of USA. Such matters are researched ,the truth is there for keen law graduates to discover. .
8 , In the history of Pakistani Politics our Lawyers have strongly stood with Publics of Pakistan in their Great Democratic Movements to oust Military Dictators and Dictatorships of similar kind. Pakistan has excelled in showing its ability to oust strong dictators and their International Conspiracies. My words should not be wasted and The International Conspiracy should be researched. Researched as a baby booming material to rule Pakistan and Threaten World Powers. Bhutto was not alone in this conspiracy and as the pieces connected he became victim of it himself. Henry Kissinger [D.Mass.USA Region Middle East] John Kenneth Galbriath [D.Mass. USA Region India] and most Suspense Thrilled George Bush Elder[ R.Tx and Con.,USA Region PRC] who joined China as US Ambassador soon as Henry Kissinger Richard Nixon and Gen., Yahaya Khan completed their notes on a great heroic session with Chinese Officials and Chairman Mao Tse Tung which ended The Vietnam war. Bhutto played a major role in this affair too] George Bush Elder continued his state job apart from being one of The Richest Banker in The World and a US Conservative Billionaire as Director of CIA with Jimmy Carter . Bush carried on with Ronald Reagan by that time Gen Zia had openly enlisted International Power Brokers like Yousaf Haroun and Mustapha Gukal Magnate Pakistani s who lived abroad since political unrests . Gen., Zia also submissively took in Lahore Based [Pak/India] Cross Border Smuggling Boss Sethi Abida and by 1983 Pakistani streets were filled with Heroine and North Western Factories started rolling of this fatal legacy imported from Italy .Gen., Zias main Junta partner Gen Fazal Haque himself boasted of maintaining monopoly in NWFP as Nawaz's company label[ Kilo packs 'Ittefaq99] graced packets which sold openly in Lahore . As Ronald Reagan left Washington after two tideos terms which ended almost all the International World Political Affairs he left facts showing the only issue could be Natural Drugs which meet where World Trade was effected by Anglo Chinese Trade Wars in mid 1800s . George Bush is today proud Father of Two Sons while John Kenneth Galbriath's Son fell away from Senate during The Clash of Civilizations, alongwith his peerage who were controlling Spokesman Jobs in US White House, apart from George Bush who is a Yale Graduate the other sons of Politicians were Benazir's class fellows from Harvard. Benazir failed two chances to control Islamabad as technically she turned out to be dunce as much as her peerage. After Zia's death US Ambassador Raphael's wife still controls the Pak Afghan region where The CIA drawn Weapon Pipeline had leaked and USA had to return formally into the region under banner of warring Terrorism, Drugs and ofcourse The CIA Wars. There is no news in local or International Press that Osama Bin Laden took Kabul with Pak Airforce Air Cover from Peshawar Air Base NWFP which the USAF is using alongwith Jacobabad Airbase Sind,and Kamra Airbase in Baluchistan[Regions with former Political Partnership of USSR ]. Although I repeat that most Military Dictators are made felt the invitation to take charges and rule the country out from chaos and anarchy but those Lawyers ,Newspaper Columnists and Political Thinkers are also sharing the general view that Pakistan needs Accountability before it can move forward. There has been no serious Self Accountability move from Pakistani Institutions or Press which has hardly been mentioned in this paper but the white Paper is a great and applaudable work of Pakistani Judiciary to initiate self accountability .
9 After its announcement as Poorest Country [ by whichs virtue a Nation ceases to be an economy] by The US CIA Dictated Finance Minister who has also taken Prime Ministership to use Pakistan's Political Public value to help US CIA and International Criminals world wide and maintain false records .At his visit to Multan he announced the 225 Million USD as his promotion while The World Bank issued this sum which a Islamabad Official's son is playing lottery in account of RTD's and Solar Energy Incentives in rural Punjab. You must understand that The CitiBank which is his principal sponsor boasts of all accounts referred US Consulates influence and Globally this Bank has been recorded as far below announced value. This crowd of Western Graduates have been inducted into The Government to destroy Pakistani Economy and to play some US Fiddle no matter how much treason it bears to both USA and Pakistan. Since The Greater Undustry is banned to Pakistanis as still Pakistan is building Japan and Sweden from Post WW2 eg., Pakistani Army Police and Civil and Secretariat Officials are to buy Japanese Cruisers instead of Improving our own Nishan Jeep whichs successful production was stalled to let Japan earn more,similarly Sweden and UK are enjoying Free License [Laziaz Faire] [ Khuli Chutti] both Politically and Economically as the Swedish Monopoly of Milk has done nothing so far to improve Livestock but rather maintains its policy of keeping Pakistani poor by maintaining Milk shortage instead. One the advent of The Present Juntas reinduction of 73 Constitution The Whole Political Society mercilessly marched to Supreme Court and held back real information and merely saluted LFO in [Ashherbad] and shared powers by glib tonguing together. Zafar Ali Shah for PPP [Which is elementarily involved in State Crime] etc and Qazi Husain for MMU etc which are Sharing Powers since Zia’s Regime Partnership and Nawab Akber Bughti playing for Pakhtuns and other failure socialist element. Gen Zia who had served at Khyber and Jordan could blackmail our KGB and CIA element together.In throuh 80s most USSR/USA Cold War times former Pakistani Leaders were shown in Pakistani Press reading letters from US Ambassador which left the entire senior leadership [un eunuch restant][ Thundi Pith] . The Nawab holds solidarity with other Baluch Chieftains is a public man with a socialist dignity and enjoys respect in Punjab too. While Former President Farouq Leghari’s case is also mixed, as he is a foundation family in a Tribal Region and Derra Ghazi Khan [A Trading Town] where a cross section implementation of his interest needed his point of view and now he will need Power Sharing with every government to hold his new social position both nationwide and his town and tribal traffic and public[This is case with almost every District level Political Family who will have to stay with ruling government or prepare to fight stiff criminal opposition with every section of society] . But all these cases only helped institute Pres., Musharaf's Rule which brought forward with reference from US Consulate The most infamous MQM government to try their hand at controlling Karachi and Karachi’s Memon to try their hand with Government where their Minister of Commerce failed very badly to judge Pakistan in Banking and Commerce while Pakistanis are still losing most expensive time as there is no specific E Commerce and Cardology etc..
9.After Its announcement as Poorest Country by The new Musharraf Cabinet Finance Minister who also needs the Office of PM for added personality in the International Business Underworld. It is obvious from many aspects 'that a Poorest Country' does not account as an Economy' and South Asia being a Poorest Region drives him around South East Asia repeatedly. The recent foreign graduate of professional induction has only proved himself or herself as most destructive to Pakistan's real economy. The Political Government presently is busy with History's biggest treason. Since the higher businesses and large industries are not in their control and Banks and Building Contractors have enlisted themselves for corruption .The proud list of a Karachi Stock Exchange Fund worth 300 Billion merely lists all corrupt institutions. While the government officials in Islamabad are all talking to Mercedes Benz and Seville Row suits.
10. A New Financial year in The Corporate World is counted in Four Finance Quarters and our Finance Ministry has cold bloodily dived into the fashion of taxing lower income groups and daily wagers for making money at every Quarter. The Government is only left with taxing the daily wagers [Dihari Mazdoor] who earn fresh Rupee or The Factory Workers[ Taza Maheena] by adding to prices of Water, Oil, Gas, Electric, Vegetables, Flour, Meat, and Milk. The Nation still awaits Change the term that was thoroughly exploited by PPP who couldn't announce need for a Social Economic Change and Publics freedom from The Bureaucratic Ruthless Claws of Injustice repeated chance with rule. The Government is uselessly making out from ‘The Dictatorship of Masses’ which is growing under the cruelty of its Official Mafias [Say! Every Regime and Power Sharing Parties] The Monopolies both Private and Semi state Controlled Businesses and International Cooperation Monopolies are all exploiting simple citizenry. It is the Lawyers to talk themselves out from Margins of History of Pakistan and its leaders personalities. It is a pity that in our pre matriculation syllabus we get no judicial case of Quaid E Azam to learn of his personality and sobriety. The World Wide advocation has begun to rehabilitate Pakistan's Prosperous Families that were attacked by 58 Revolution and Industrialists who were hurt by 73 Constitution and good Families which were cheated ,demoralized and undermined uptil by Zia Regime and that The Present Junta is seated with license to allow Dark Races misinterpreted by South Asian Diplomats to make fun of our Society and Junta preference over Cleaner Skinned Children in schools etc. The passages of this lift eloquently explain that the ménage de regimes [Gutham Guth Shaitaniat] has brought Pakistani Society into an Catastrophe 'Azab' whence by holy Koran and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] it is not advised to leave town or country in such a state .The Lawyers community is a literate community ,it should step forward and speak out on these affairs as how is a Samiri Jadugar kind of monetary philosophers bringing ‘biddet’ into our streets and schools where dirt piles are not cleaned to hold back the Angel of Blessing[ Farishta E Rehmet] Kalima E Shahadat , Ash Shad U LaiIlah Illillah Ash Shad U Annah Muhammad Al Rasool Allah ]
11 . In Almost all recent rule controversies wether Care Takers or Miulitary Takeovers The Restoration of 73 Constitution has added to its position of a Souless[ Be Ruh] SpiritLess[BeJan] Document which can be dragged any which way by lawyers . The aregument of claiming Parlimentary Elections as a Solution to The Political Crisis of that time is also being proved wrong everytime. At Present there is a very bright truth of Democratisation which has brought back Democratic Life at Distric Level public and as far as claim to Corruption or Official Nepotism is concerned it is cleverly finished by a Watch Dog Management . Democratisation is a growing Institution, and its Official Management has to be officed. The entire show cannot be left to The Election Commission to manage and read it is The Watch that conducts public opinion, and records issues of personal and official nature regarding Democratisation all yearlong. The Juntas and Political Parties which have tasted controlling Islamabad and The Regimes are all covetously hiding behind The Four Bureaucratic Barrons [Char Khoon De Paiasay] who are housing The Four US White House Wars against POVERTY[ Salim Gilani] Drugs[ DIG SIPRA] Terrorism[ Defence Intl Dir Reza*] and InfoWars[ Bokhari] These Personell have to put up a Patriotic show of full confession and rest power divisions of Criminal and Official Corruption which have destroyed Pakistan . they have become the sole reason of Afgan Bosnian Kosavan Chechneyan Sudan and Iraqi and Other African Republics destruction . The Regimes which count as back as Liaqat ali Khans murder 56 Constitution[ Chapan Churi] 58 revolution of Ayub etc have all stood humble losers ,the book must close as their isnt return for them because then moronia will only multiply and the Nation becomes a example like Iraq.


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